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We’re one team, local and in-house.
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I have been a user experience designer and private consultant at luxury brand companies for the past thirteen years. My passion is bridging the gap between traditional corporate practices and leading digital initiatives. I’ll connect you with my team and steer the execution of our projects.

We’re not under the constraints of one system or process. We recognize the world is changing, and we find a solution and go with it. Agility is second nature.

I pretty much live and breathe LEAGUE until my team tells me to take a break. In that case, you can find me at Crossfit.



Innovations being development, marketinganalytics. I’m a twenty-something USC grad living in sunny Southern California with my dogs, a camera, and terrible allergies. When it comes to sports, modern music, and recent theatrical releases, I merely smile and nod while hoping no one asks for more insight. I’d much rather read, go hiking, or try to advance slow food. I appreciate minimalism, Austrian economics, Eastern European history, and Objectivism.


Creative Director

In the last 10 years, I’ve worked up and down the east coast crafting concepts for brands of all sizes, from small start-ups to large corporations. I believe that behind every spreadsheet and every brief, there’s an opportunity to reach, move, inspire and ultimately learn something new about people. If I’m not somewhere thinking of the next big idea, I’m probably on a date with pizza, looking at puppies on the internet or obsessing over the latest interior design trends.


Business Analyst

As a project manager and business analyst, I combine my years of experience working with online and web strategies with my natural creative problem solving abilities. I specialize in keeping the big picture in mind while producing significant results on time and on budget.  The only thing I love more than solving problems is cuddling up on my couch with coffee and my cat!