Targeted Customer Acquisition

We help companies expand their customer base and increase conversions.

League is focused on innovations in targeted customer acquision through microsite development and integrated marketing strategies.
We take the time to identify your key personas, reach them with targeted messaging, and lead them through a frictionless conversion funnel, resulting in immediate ROI and key learnings for future customer segments.

Our unique blend of strategic thinking, tactical execution and iterative processes ensures that we are maximizing our value to you and your customers.

Strategic Thinking

Customer Value Analysis: All of our projects begin with what your customers value. We learn this through any means possible; surveys, current website analytics, online reviews, and long-established psychology principles. We apply our learnings throughout the strategy, deployment and optimization process.

Key Persona Development: A lot of money is wasted chasing customers that just aren’t yours. This is a common pitfall in digital, because the brand is physically disconnected from the customer. We bridge the gap by developing 3-5 customer personas we are confident you can effectively reach.

Competitive Differentiation: Your customers have options, and winning out over the competition means being honest with your advantages and weaknesses. We identify the aspects of your brands that will set you apart from the competition.

Design Audit: Good design is that which fits the purpose. Your brand may benefit from sleek minimalism or fun interactions. We’ll ensure our creative suits your specific needs.

Objective :: Product Fit: A startup testing a new product hypothesis does not need the same support stack as a multi-national merchandiser. We develop and deploy exactly what you need to meet your current objectives, with room to scale later on.

Channel :: Goal Fit: Treating a Facebook user like a Twitter user and using the same creative from your Google ads is the shortcut applied by many agencies. We customize creative by understanding what your audience would respond to on each channel.

Tactical Execution

Branding: Complete branding packages that will give legitimacy to your vision.

MVP: A minimum viable product that tests a hypothesis and gives you the confidence to move forward with an idea.

Objective Website Design: Design must look good, but it must serve a purpose. Our designs start with a testable objective which we use to optimize future iterations.

Lean Website Development: Whether you need an entire website or a few landing pages, League understands you need room to grow and experiment. Our digital products and websites outlast and outperform because we understand their refinement is never done.

High ROI Marketing Initiatives: We don’t stop until we’ve reached the plateau of ROI for a given marketing initiative. It’s tedious making minor adjustments to copy, creative, and targeting, but it’s always worth it.

Custom CRM, CMS, and Analytics tools: Out-of-the-box solutions are easy, but are very rarely exactly what you require. Functionality you actually need is replaced with tools you’ll never use. This makes for a bloated, inefficient, and sometimes aggravating management experience. We fix that with custom solutions.