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2016 Election Marketing Head-to-Head

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Suspend belief for a second and imagine that we’re talking about a far away election that is not as theatrical as ours has become. Let’s ignore the issues, smears, and personalities of each and focus on how well Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have presented their individual brands to the American public. There are four rounds: Website Design and Branding, Messaging, Audience, and Targeting.
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online travel agencies and how to beat them

A Hotel’s Advantage over OTAs: Don’t sell rooms. Inspire travel.

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If you’re hoping that OTAs will eventually disappear, or that they will spontaneously be more reasonable in the fees they take, the tactics they employ, or the cannibalization they desire, you’re wrong. They want to become the only destination for online bookings, and forming a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship with the hotels themselves is not part of the plan. They want you to do all of the hard work while they skim off a percentage of the sales they generate. We fall short of calling them bullies because in the marketplace there are no bullies – there are just market leaders who can always be challenged and overtaken.

OTAs are here to stay, so how can hotels small and large compete with them directly?
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Setting up Google Analytics

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Why Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a godsend for marketers, webmasters, and consumers alike. Without it, website operators would be required to pay thousands (or in the case of larger websites, hundreds of thousands) of dollars for subscriptions to paid solutions like Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture) or IBM Business Analytics. Make no mistake, those platforms are much more capable of capturing the nuances of web behavior. But for the average small to medium website, Google Analytics is perfectly fine. Read More

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The Success of Virgin America’s Friendly Copy and the Next Generation of Conversational Copywriting

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“Chatter is an incredible way to strengthen our culture.”

-David Cush
Virgin America CEO

I’m glad you’re here. Reading this article. It’s about the general badassery of really simple copywriting. I’m fairly unprofessional in business communications as well. Why? Because formality is just a mask over who you really are. You aren’t formal with your friends. You aren’t formal with your family. Why be formal to people you’re trying to get to like you? It’s a lie that is instantly untrustworthy, and one that has to go if you want you gain trust. Read More

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Small Time Agencies With Low Overhead and an In House Team are the Future of the Web Industry.

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Large scale agencies cannot compete with the flexibility, cost, and quality of the small agency powerhouse.

We are starting a trend. The trend of the no bullsh*t web agency that allows you the luxury of letting us do what you want us to do, without confusing the process with what you think you want us to do.

The result: you receive a product that you love, with a much lower cost and a wicked fast turnaround time. Our clients are happy. Read More

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Content Strategy: The Process of Content Marketing with Examples

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I’ve been obsessed with content marketing recently.

What is content marketing? Who needs content marketing? Is content marketing really important?

At League, many of our clients are our friends. They are entrepreneurs building their way to success, and our role in that is helping them create their brand, build online presence, develop content, and market that content. We’ve learned quite a bit along the way to streamline that process. Read More

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Let’s Talk About Landing Pages

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With hundreds of content and design rules, creating an optimized landing page can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s talk landing pages. A landing page is the first a user experiences about your website and brand. It is easy to get carried away focusing on how much content you can cram, how to be more creative than your competition, and what colors people like the most.

It’s really not so complicated. I’m going to break down the cardinal assets involving creating a landing page. Read More