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A League team member spends 50% of their day doing exactly what they know how to do, whether it be strategy, design, development, or marketing. 40% of their day is spent on new skills – the things that excite them and allow them to grow. We encourage reading on the job, taking risks when you’re afraid of failing, and jumping in when you have a great idea. Oh, the other 10% of the day is lunch.

We are a very flat organization. There are no cubicles, managers, or dedicated areas of expertise. You’d be joining a team as an equal and we’d encourage your professional growth by supporting you as you inevitably bite off more than you can chew. Our expectations are simple: you’re smart, self-motivated, adaptable, and just as excited by what you don’t know as you are about what you do know.

Our Brand


We help clients by integrating digital products and human workflows that shift the corporate mindset from catching up, to being ahead.


No business is afraid of the future.


Make products connect better with customers, work more meaningful for employees, and businesses more profitable.


League values the confidence to constantly challenge ourselves and experiment with new ideas. We are fascinated with integrating technology and humanity and only take projects that fuel our passion, intrigue, and aspirations.

Our Challenge to You

A multi-national hotel with properties in many tourist destinations has a digital magazine to showcase general interest articles regarding luxury travel and lifestyle. These articles may be interesting to some, but has never hit a reasonable ROI and currently only reaches a few regular guests using CRM data. The site is not responsive, boring, and looks very much like their competitors.

Note there are some obvious answers and omitted details. Leave all of that aside, and just give it your best shot while being as creative as possible.

How would you approach this problem?

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