The CMS experience is as important as the end user

Challenge: It’s difficult to maintain multiple languages of the same site. EHK couldn’t make changes to their current site – every single change that needed to be made had caveats and a list of protocol for change. It required a highly trained developer to make even the simplest content changes. They had given up on keeping their site updated because every change introduced new problems.

Solutions: We created a direct and easy to use custom content management system where the user experience for the back end user was treated like front end projects.

The content management system includes a translation management system where the English site was maintained in one place. Changes made to the English site would appear in a chart where updates to the other languages could be quickly made and pushed live.

The intuitive system did not require training, and EHK’s website remains updated in every language, saving the company time and dollars previously spent in training and development.