The critical technology behind an award winning website design

Challenge: Max Brenner came to us because they needed a technical go-to. They were delivered a website that was beautiful but had some missing components and didn’t really work for them. We thought chocolate gone digital should translate into more than just a pretty website – it should match the easy, laid back, delicious, chocolatey in-store experience.  We decided to put that beautiful website to work.

Solution: At League, tech met creative to build experiences for all 5 senses PLUS one more – our sixth sense of connectivity in the digital space. The first three months were dedicated to migrating the website to a more manageable server and cleaning up the codebase. Once the site was stable, we worked on speeding up the website by developing a custom caching system for the Non-US variants of the website.

And we’ve brought the site a long it a long way from when we first inherited it. We’ve not only created a streamlined site that functions, but a site that functions fast. The next step is to make it work for future campaigns.

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