Bringing the personalized service of five-star hospitality to the digital space

Challenge: Travelers are more savvy. They do heavy research and want to find a place they connect with and connects with them. Websites are geared towards surveying every potential traveler. It’s expensive and difficult to go after smaller targets.

How can we reach segments in an efficient, targeted way?

Solution: The more efficient you make it, the more targeted you can be. We created a financially responsible, feasible way to reach more targeted audiences.

Our main goal is to close the gap between the in-hotel and digital experience to create a seamless guest experience. The first step is to identify segments that are underserved or unreached by our current digital platform. We’ll then create several tests in the form of microsites to measure and eventually understand user values, emotions and aspirations. Using what we learn, we can automate a deeper understanding of our guests while increasing search relevance, booking and most importantly – loyalty.

Targeted Landing Page — Mandarin Oriental, New York’s “Mini Manhattan”

Charged with creating a landing page to advertise rooms to families for Mandarin Oriental, New York, League went through rounds of design and user testing to find focus and allow users to tell us what would make a successful product before spending huge budgets on a design based on assumption. With the release of the landing page after testing, we found more users booking through advertisements than ever before.

  • Highly targeted
  • Booking placed in context with information about the property, location and promotion