Whether you’re a startup or a multinational company, you should always consider the basics:

  1. Who is my target audience and what do they want?
  2. How does my business improve the lives of customers?
  3. What have we learned about our existing customers that will enable us to reach new customers?

If you’re just starting out…

We’ll help you find and refine your voice. You have a vision that needs to be brought to the market with an aesthetic, voice, and authority that it deserves. For that, you need your brand to be readily identifiable, and for that you need:

Brand Strategy

Everything we do at League is based on proven technique. Using Our Process to determine everything about your brand, from messaging, imagery, creative direction, to positioning in the marketplace, we will discover who you should be reaching, how and where you communicate with them, and why they’ll be compelled to buy what you’re selling.

Competitive Analysis

In many cases, your idea could already be in production, in full or in part, by another company. You may not be the first to market, but you can still be the most successful. With our competitive analysis, we’ll identify the market your competitors are missing and how you can gain a foothold to get their customer’s attention.

Creative Package

We provide complete visual branding with all of the assets and standards you’ll need to begin marketing immediately. Logos, style guides, font choices, typography and related elements. 84% of customers trust brands that have a consistent visual aesthetic, so let’s make it a priority.

If you have an established brand…

that needs some optimizing and refreshment, we’ve got that covered as well. If you’re happy with your brand and are just looking to make it stronger, we’ve got you covered.

Brand Marketing

Our multivariate testing models allow us to discover quickly messaging that resonates most strongly with your audience. Content, copy, voice, motivations, timing, promotions, and user experience all affect how customers perceive and react to your brand. We can help develop the strategy to reliably yield results, leaving you with the confidence to test new customer acquisition strategies.

Channel Expansion

There are now hundreds of marketing channels, all with a unique set of customer expectations and guidelines. Having maneuvered the myriad social channels, display ad networks, retargeting tools and strategies, and cross-branding opportunities, League can help you tailor your established brand to new frontiers.